Tuesday, August 01, 2006


My 40th is around the corner and I can't believe that I am that old - seriously ask my friends how immature I am and you won't believe it either. As the oldest member of The Sorority, I have to blaze the path into the 4th decade alone. ReRe doesn't get there for another year and Mellie - it seems that she will never get there (damn her and her youngness).

However, I have been saying to Wilson for months and months regarding my 40th - "I want Hoop and La mister - Hoop and La - not just hoopla - HOOP and LA!!!!" My theory is - if you are going to hit 40 anyway, you might as well do it with people you love around you and lots of alcohol and snacks. Anyway, Wilson listened and is going to great expense to give me Hoop and La for my birthday. On the actual day of my birth, friends and family will congregate at our house for drinks and snacks and to make fun of me for being old (I prefer the term experienced). I do not know who has RSVPd which is a lot of fun - but I know that I will like everyone in the room. Wilson's parents are making the 4 hour journey, mine and my sister are making the 3 hour journey and so many friends from within the city. Lots of love, laughter, food and drink - which is exactly how I love to live my life. In fact, it is how all of us in The Sorority live our lives - especially the drink part!

I had no gift expectations as Wilson is spending a pantsload of money on this soiree but a present I did get! It is a doozy of a gift let me tell you! My Wilson has chartered a 50' catamaran to take both of us and our dear friends Kacy and Ed around St. Maarten and the surrouding isles. We have our own captain and a cook and we can help sail if we want - or not! I think I may opt for the not part but who knows. We arrive on a Friday in December, stay one night in a hotel and on Saturday - the 4 of us depart. We come back 1 week later, relaxed, tanned and happy and depart for home on Sunday. Now is that a gift or what!!! Just 9 days in the sun, on a boat and with my best friend (who lives far away and we don't get to see very often). I know that you all want a Wilson for yourselves - but you can't have him - he is mine. There has been, apparently much too and fro-ing with dear friends that involved copious discussion on party date, gift and a myriad of other details. What a man he is and he is all mine! Baby - just in case I forgot to tell you - I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! Not because of the gift or the party - but that you show me you love me in so many ways. You are a wonderful man and I am so happy to share my life with you.

I am a very lucky woman let me tell you. Not only do I have the best Wilson in the world but the best girlfriends EVER!!!! These women are not only beautiful and smart but true, blue friends that you can count on through anything. I am honoured that they chose me to include in their lives and call me friend. I wish for all women to have friends like mine in your lives - if you do you are truly lucky. I know that I am!


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