Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Apparently yesterday was a day to blog about war - yesterday being the first day of spring. As with most things in my life, I am late but here are my thoughts...

As a Canadian citizen, I am proud that we did not jump on the US bandwagon to invade Iraq even though we faced a barrage of international pressure. Osama was in Afghanistan and that is where the focus should have stayed. We will never know if the US had kept their forces in Afghanistan, would Osama have been in custody by now.

I have never supported the invasion of Iraq as I thought giving the UN inspectors a bit more time would not have hurt anyone, let put soldiers lives in extreme danger. I have often wondered that with a bit more prudences, how would the outcome have changed. Many soldiers and their families have paid the ultimate sacrifice to be in this unjust war and those who are still fighing deserve to come home. I am tired of the death counts and the debate. Bring the troops home!

Unfortunately, if we leave now Iraq and Afghanistan would be left in ruins and the Taliban and other horrific forms of government would come back in the vacuum left behind. All of the countries that have troops over there, whether in Iraq or Afghanistan, need to assist these countries and their citizens in setting up responsible government that provides a secure place for all to live and still respect their traditions and religion.

End the war! Help these countries live in peace! Bring our troops home!

Peaceful kisses to all,

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Suz said...

Peace! I totally agree. Just watched the U.S. v. John Lennon this weekend, and it made me feel impotent in the face of the Iraq War. I must find something to do besides write my congressmen (being in SC, they will never agree with my requests anyway).

Ideas? WAR IS OVER if you want it.