Wednesday, April 04, 2007


ReRe did it again! She cooked for 2 entire days and created a wonderful passover dinner for all. 7 goyim and 2 Jews celebrated Passover together again. In attendance were Wilson, DiDi, Mellie, Jewemy, ReRe, iPod man, Mary, Graham and their happy son Miles.

ReRe out did herself with all the fixin's of salad, gefilte fish, chicken soup, roasted turkey with matzoh stuffing, carrot tsimis (not sure if spelled correctly) and 3 kinds of dessert. Much wine and I mean MUCH wine was consumed. 8 bottles apparently - and thank God that Wilson was driving home as I drank more than my share.

So many laughs, so much fun and we have begun lobbying for ReRe to do Goy Hannukah. Wilson and I are joining in the fun this year and having the ReRe clan over for Jew Easter. There will be food, wine and everyone leaves with some chocolate.

Thank you ReRe for being the good Jewish mom that you are and giving us goyim our annual Passover experience.

Kosher kisses to all,

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