Thursday, March 08, 2007


On our recent trip to Denver, that my lovely husband gave me for Valentine's Day, I had some wonderful bonding time with my beloved friend Kacy. Where did we spend such time? Well dear internet, let me tell you. We spent it in Nordstroms! And may I say so that all may know - I LOVE NORDSTROMS AND NORDSTROMS LOVES ME!!!!

We stroll and look and look and stroll and then find ourselves in the happiest place on earth - the shoe department. So many pretty styles to choose from and lovely sales people who are a delight and bring you your size and any shoes that they think you might be interested in.
Of course I find many pairs that I love but am on the hunt for a pretty pair of red, patent leather slingbacks that are all the rage for spring. Bingo!!! There they are along with another delightful pair of pretty blue polka dotted shoes.

Aren't they just the prettiest shoes ever!

Pretty shoes!
Needless to say I can't wait for nice weather so I can wear them. I have outfits all prepared for their first outing.
Be gone with you damn winter so that these pretty shoes can be on my feet not in their box.
Wishing for spring kisses to all,


Jemima said...

Lust! We have a gigantic three story DSW out here that I don't dare walk by right now. They keep sending me sexy emails with pretty spring shoes trying to lure me in. sigh...

Suz said...

Oh they are so beautiful.

Must have new shoes!