Monday, March 19, 2007


Last week was an expensive week for DiDi - quite unintentionally I might add. No I did not go to Holts and purchase a pair absolutely gorgeous but ridiculously expensive Christian Louboutin shoes or a new Burberry or Kate Spade purse. What did I spend my hard earned bucks on you ask??? MY CAR!!!!!

I was working at our downtown office as I had a course that evening (and also needed to get my legs waxed and my esthetician's office is downtown) and at the end of the day, I go to the garage and drive my car out to the street. As I approach the stop sign, I hear a loud THUNK! I think to myself - What in the name of all that is holy did I just run over?

I get out of the car and see nothing so get back in and try to go forward. But my car won't let me go forward. I try to reverse but my car won't let me reverse. At this point - I realize that this is NOT GOOD and will undoubtably cost me a lot of money.

Thus begins the many calls and I realize how much I love my cell phone because of the vast number of calls I had to make after the THUNK made me sit in my car waiting for a tow truck.

Here is my call summary -
1. Wilson to give him the update and arrange for him to pick me up at the subway
2. CAA to get them to come and tow my car away
3. Our garage to let them know of the situation and that the car will be arriving and to fix her.
4. Henry's Camera where my class was being held and let them know that I won't be coming and that I need to reschedule.
5. ReRe to ask her to pick me up the next day on her way to work and also just to vent
6. Brian - just because I was close to his building and I was bored

Finally CAA arrives and they tow my car to the garage and I walk to the subway to go home. I get to the station and the escalator is broken and have to walk up 5 GODDAMNED FLIGHTS OF STAIRS! This would be nothing if I did not have 50lbs of crap that I am lugging around as it could not stay in the car. I get to the top of the stairs utterly exhausted and Wilson is across the street with Maggie getting gas in the car. He takes me home, pours me a large glass of wine and makes me dinner. God I love that man!

The next day I get the call from the garage that my brakes had come apart in the back and that is what is making my car not move. It also seems that it is about to happen with the front brakes as well. FUCKING HELL! Total cost of the THUNK = $735.00. I spent $735 and it wasn't on clothes, shoes, purses or accessories. WTF????

Sure, now I can drive my car and it has new brakes - blah, blah, blah. I would rather have spent the money on shoes - I am a girl after all!

Wish I bought expensive shoes kisses,

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