Tuesday, August 31, 2010


This journey of mine has been an experience to say the least - but one that has taught me a lot so far.  The one thing that it has taught me is that I am a very lucky girl.  Am lucky to have such amazing friends - both in person and virtually.  So many people have reached out to and touched me in ways that they will never know the profound effect it had on my life.  To have the support of such amazing friends has been so wonderful that there are really no words to express my gratitude.  You may never know what your support has meant to me but I am here to tell you that I would not be here if it wasn't for it.  To know that many people have circled around you, hands outstretched to help you in any way that they can is truly an amazing feeling.  I sit here and say thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

I am about to make a job change - and it feels good.  It is back in the city, in an industry in which I have never worked, and I am excited about the fresh start.  It feels like my life is my own again - and I have to say that it feels really damn good.  

So Internet, my dear, dear friend - let's all hold hands and jump into the next chapter together.  I'm ready if you are and I can't wait!


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Emily Jo said...

I jump, you jump!! Good luck with the new job! Can't wait to hear all about your fresh start!