Tuesday, August 24, 2010


So I went on my first date in 8 years.  That's right - 8 YEARS!!!   I cannot believe that it has been that long since I started dating Wilson and no one else.  Part of me just wants to meet the next person that I will be with ASAP so that I do not have to do this dating thing again - because seriously, who wants to date anyway.  In many ways dating is like a visit to the gynecologist - intensely personal and yet not, you expose yourself in some ways and cover up other parts of yourself up.  I have never been a big fan of dating, never did it very well and find it a huge pain in the ass in oh so many ways. 

Anyhoo - out on a date I did go and well...let's just say it was meh.  He is a nice guy but told me waaaayy too much about his life, his ugly, ugly divorce, the parental aliention that is going on with his kids and how he needs to take medication to sleep.  I know that it has been awhile since I have been out on a date but I really didn't think that I should know that kind of stuff within 30 minutes of meeting him.  He is a nice guy but he wants a RELATIONSHIP and I am so not there.  I want to meet some new people, have some fun and not take everything so damn seriously for a while. 

So I am doing my best to embrace dating and instead of hating every minute of it.  I am going to try to appreciate this process and time in my life for the new opportunities and people that I will meet (please remind me of this when the I hate dating posts begin) Also another benefit - think of the blog fodder chronicalling all of my bad, not so bad and fun dates. 

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Little Ms Blogger said...

I found myself telling this guy, who had only been married for 4 months (marriage due to pregnancy), to Just Build a Bridge and Get Over It.

I'm sorry, but for 2 hours I had to hear him whine and whine and whine.

Before I blurted out the statement, I told him I had been with my ex for 15 years and asked if I once made a nasty comment about him. He said no and that's when I said what I did and said goodnight.