Monday, October 19, 2009


The title says what I am about to do!  Things I hate about business travel - in no particular order are:
  • jet lag
  • hotel rooms that are too dark - they think it is modern and nice, I think it is stupid
  • shitty room service menus with no variety
  • small planes with people who like to talk to their seatmate - even when she has her headphones on
  • people who don't get the whole metal scanner thing and leave everything in their damn pockets and have to be searched- which holds up the line
  • people who just stand where their stuff comes out of the xray machine and block it so that those of us who also have stuff coming out can't get it until they put back on all of their layers, pick up their minutia and otherwise annoy the CRAP out of me
  • missing a good Sunday afternoon of football and relaxing on the couch because I had to get on a plane
  • when your electric toothbrush somehow gets turned on in your suitcasea and then you have to use it like a manual toothbrush for the rest of your trip
  • crappy hotels with plastic wrapped water glasses and shitty wine that tastes like kerosene
  • those who do not shower before getting on a plane.  Seriously - do us all a favour - wet your body once a day, cover with soap, rinse and repeat.  Your pores will thank you as will your friends, family, colleagues, random strangers on the street, fellow subway goers, plane get my drift!
 Yeah, yeah - I know, I earn air miles with which Wilson and I can use to take a vacation except that when I get some 'not on a plane' time, I don't want to get on a damn plane! 

But there is a good side to business travel - nothing beats that joy you feel when your meetings end early and you get to go home 24 hours sooner than you ever thought you would!  And nothing feels better than landing at your home airport and knowing that soon, very soon you will get welcome home kisses and sleep in your own bed. 

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