Monday, October 19, 2009


Where did I leave off???  Oh yeah - a great first date.  Seriously - in the world of first dates - this one was world class in my books.  So I am thinking to myself - a 2nd date should be in the bag.  Right?   Wrong!  Now, you all know the ending to our story so just play along here. 

We have the great, first date - he meets my gorgeous dog, we eat ice cream - it is all pointing to date #2.  I emailed the next morning to say thanks, I had a great time and it would be great to do it again.  The response - lukewarm at best.  As I read it my brain started gearing up for an implosion.  The hell?  Did I imagine the great date?  This email, is of course forwarded, discussed A LOT and analyzed by many a great girlfriend. 

Week 1 - much discussion amongst DiDi and girlfriends that he must be busy. 

Week 2 - much discussion amongst DiDi and girlfriends that he is an ass*

Week 3-5 - DiDi has officially given up

* - this is before "He's just not that into you!"

Now, somewhere around Week 4 of no call, no follow, NOTHING - I had to go to a tradeshow and I knew that he would be there.  Y'all can imagine the painstaking detail I went through to look amazing at this show.  This was my attempt at "I will show you what you are giving up Wilson!" or another loose translation of this is "Eff you!"

So I got back to my life - working, walking the dog, hanging out with friends - all in all, lots of fun.  One Monday morning, I come into work and there is a voicemail waiting for me.  I don't know about you but I hate voicemail that is waiting for me in Monday morning - it usually means that someone has been into work on the weekend and they want to see me to dump copious amounts of work on me.  However, this time it is not - it was Wilson!  I am listening to the voice mail on my speaker phone and I hear his voice and I cannot pick up the phone fast enough.  He is calling to ask me to a Lobster Party this weekend.  FINALLY!  After 5 weeks of waiting, I finally get a 2nd date.  I am to call him back if I am interested.  ReRe, of course, from the minute she heard Wilson's voice on the speakerphone, ran her ass over to my desk.  We discussed waiting to call back to appear 'cool' but let's be clear about this - I have never been a 'Rules" girl and I never will.  I wanted to go so I called him back within 10 minutes of getting that call.  Date 2 booked!  Let the stressing about the wardrobe begin immediatly! 

Finally, after many consultations, it is determined to appear casually sexy.  Don't want to look like I am trying to hard, etc.  FYI - again, not sure I am a casually sexy kind of girl but I gave it my best shot.  Black, sleeveless V-neck top, with casual drawstring pants and pretty shoes.  Hair was flipped and makeup was light.  The twice-a-day workouts also helped because I managed to lose 3 pounds before the date.  So wish I could do that these days!

He picks me up - actually parks the car and comes up because he wants to see the dog!  This gains him HUGE points with me because Maggie was a huge part of my life and if she liked you, it went a long way!  We leave, go to the party and are the 2nd people there.  I am handed a drink right away and realize very quickly that this is going to be a long drunken night and I better pace myself.  More people start to arrive and at one point, Wilson is off helping our host get the lobster pots ready and I find myself surrounded by a gaggle of women who all know each other and are fairly new, first-time moms.  I now know that Wilson needs jobs to do,  and likes to help out at functions.  In other words, he needs to feel useful.  But at this point, on date #2, I did not know this - all I know is my date is no where to be found.  Once the conversation in my group leaned toward potty training, breast feeding and mommy & me play groups - I excused myself and went and hid in the bathroom.  Apparenly I was gone a long time because Wilson came looking for me and knocked on the bathroom door.  After I explained about being Mommed to death, he kept me near him and made sure to introduce me to nice people. 

Something to keep in mind here - our host Terry is known for throwing great parties.  Lots of booze, etc.  For some reason his wife (now ex-wife) never did any appetizers.  So everyone just feasted on cocktails.  Also, for some unknown reason, we never ate dinner at this lobster party until between 9 or 10 pm.  I think you all get where I am going with this because when all you eat are olives and vodka for hours, a party can really get going in a BIG way.  This was my 2nd date with Wilson!

Finally, at around 9:30 pm, we sit down to dinner - and yup, you guessed I am DRUNK!  However, I am also in great company as my date is drunk and so is the rest of the party!  We eat, flirt, laugh, flirt, pretty much everything and flirt - all fueled by my dear friend alcohol.  We help with clean up and dishes and by this time, I have lost the ability to enunciate and walk in a straight line.  I think it is 2:00 am, but apparenly it is only 11:00 pm.   The rest of the evening's details, while a bit fuzzy, will be left to your imaginations, but suffice it to say, after that we were officially "together"! 

Any hoo, we begin dating and I knew this one was different.  There was no game playing - he called when he said he was going to call, wanted to see me, introduced me to his friends, met mine, walked my dog with me and became someone that I knew I wanted to spend more and more time with.  I kept waiting for the shoe to fall from the sky and bonk me on the head - in other words, kept waiting for him to turn into an asshole but it never seemed to happen.  Finally I realized he wasn't going to be an asshole to me because he wasn't an asshole.  I had finally met a grown-up and he wanted to be with me and was very clear about this.  I was falling in love and it felt good and right and true.  Finally after much waiting and dating of assholes, I realized that they were just practice for the real thing.

Next installment - how do we keep the music playing?

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