Tuesday, October 13, 2009


So after lots of time, I reached the age of 36 and convinced that I was never going to meet someone that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with - let along bring home to meet my large, crazy family.  I decided that I was going to focus on my career, have fun with friends, enjoy my time with the dog and just have fun.  To this end, there was an opportunity for a some professional development that work was willing to pay for - it was a lot of money - so I took it and had a great time.  It was 4 days of networking and education and by the end of it, I was exhausted!   There was a swishy gala dinner at the end of it and while I wanted to go - there was some great entertainment - the tired half of me just wanted to go to bed.  But I dragged my ass there, got my table assignment and went in to eat and be entertained.  HA!  At a dinner of 3,000 people, I get stuck with a table of world champs at boring.   At this moment, I wish more than anything, that I had stayed home.

As I got to my table, I realized that I was at a table full of suppliers who were going to talk business with me all night.  No laughs, no fun - just more work.  A girlfriend walked by my table and stopped to say hello - and not being shy, I begged her to save me from my boring table.  Ten minutes later, she came back, told me there was a vacant seat at her table and to get my ass over there asap.  Which I did in world record time.  

I sat down beside my friend, said hello to everyone and then turned to my right, stuck out my hand and said "Hi, I'm DiDi".  The response was "Hi, I'm Wilson."  Did I know at that moment that I was sitting  beside my future husband?  Answer - NO!  However, I was wearing a great dress that showed off my cleavage, I was VERY funny that evening and if the truth be told, I thought he was gay so I felt no pressure.  That's right, I thought my future husband was gay!  In my defense, I am an event planner and 98% of the men in my industry are gay.  I just thought he was in the majority.  We are laughing, having a great time and I thought - nice guy, of course he is gay!  My friend who brought me to the table leaned over to me and whispered "I think that Wilson likes you!"  My response - "Of course he does, he's gay!".  To which she responded "Honey, my husband is a waiter, I know gay and that man is so NOT gay".  At that point, I reapplied my lipstick, turned back to Wilson and did not talk to my girlfriend for rest of the evening.  Funny enough - he went to university an hour from my home town and knew people I went to high school with.  As well, 2 of his closest friends are from my home town.  How is that for 6 degrees of separation!

We danced at the after party and had a great time and for the first time in a very long time, I felt actual butterflies about a boy.  All I knew was that I really wanted to see him again and did not have a single clue how to make that happen.   And then he called! 

Stay tuned - first date coming up!

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Love it! Keep it coming!