Saturday, November 08, 2008


I am a travelling fool these days - mostly for my job - and right now I am in Germany, specifically in Cologne.  And while I was at a meeting and we broke for the afternoon we had canapes, pastries and...wait for  Platters of it being walked around waiting for me to take a glass.  Which.I.did.  It would be wrong to refuse don't you think?

Only in Europe can you drink wine whenever you want and no one will judge you and for that Europe totally rocks!  Here no one looks at me and thinks alcoholic - they look at me and think totally normal.  I really should move here because at home no one EVER looks at me and thinks I am in any way normal! Tee!


Emily Jo said...

Oh man... I love love love Germany! So jealous of your wine with lunch, and your work travels. I'm just going to live vicariously through you while I'm in boring Nebraska and drinking diet Coke for lunch. :-)

Jemima said...

Wine in the middle of the day is the best.