Friday, November 14, 2008


Many times my life is just a HUGE comedy of errors. This morning, realizing it was Friday and I could wear jeans to work (YIPEE!), I had a bit of extra spring to my step as I meandered down the hall to the loo. I shower, moisturize, blow dry etc all the while thinking of how comfortable I will be today at work. Then I move towards my closet and realize that my ‘good’ jeans are in the wash after being worn multiple times on the recent trip to Germany. So out come the tried and true GAP jeans that I haven’t worn in a couple of weeks.

I drag them on my body and realize that I have to high school it (lay down to zip them up) and thought to myself that the copious bratwurst/beer combo that was consumed last week on the aforementioned trip was NOT kind and I will have to start up the Trimspa again. Once they are zipped up, I then make THE fatal error of the day – I forgot to look in the full length mirror to assess the ensemble before leaving the house.

I get out at the office and see my reflection in the building (it is mirrored) and gasp out loud. Holy shit - I am wearing floods!  These jeans are seriously short and geeky looking!  All I need is a pencil protector and I am set for life.  I quickly called Wilson to enquire what the HELL he did to them when he did the laundry. Here is the response – “yeah, sorry about that but I thought they were mine and accidentally threw them in the dryer but I thought you wouldn’t notice since you never wear them anymore”. 

My beloved is famous for the don’t ask, don’t tell policy regarding anything that happens to my stuff that might get him yelled at.  Clothes that might have been ruined or shoes that Arthur chewed while I was away on business - I get no news about these items until I go digging around or wear something totally embarrassing and ask about it and then I get the update. (Totally not kidding about the shoes – Arthur chewed not 1 but 2 pairs of shoes while I was away on my last trip.  I promptly developed the chewed shoe/will be immediately replaced policy and the shoes were promptly replaced the next weekend!)
We all know what I will be doing at lunch – I will be making the emergency jean purchase to fix this situation. Wish me luck!

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Muffy Willowbrook said...

That is an emergency! I hate it when my "good" jeans are dirty. I feel like a fat slob with my other jeans on. LIke I'm supposed to go mow the lawn or something.