Sunday, August 24, 2008


Here is a question that has been plaguing us at the Sorority for what point when you are dating someone do you sleep with them?  We Sorority girls had a recent meeting and chatted at length about this. 

DiDi - I made it only to the 2nd date with Wilson.  Excessive alcohol, lobster and his cuteness all worked against me.  I was going to try to hold out for date 3 so as to not appear whorish but didn't make it.   Apparently I am the skank of the group!

Mellie - date 3 with the Jew.  Again, wine involved. 

ReRe - has made it to date 4 before doing the deed.  Mellie and I consider this seriously saintlike behavior and we are considering revolking her relationship in the Sorority if she doesn't raise her skank level somewhat. 

Dear Internet - what is your answer on this.  What do you think is appropriate hold out time vs skanky?  Enquiring minds want to know! 


Jemima said...

Hum, I think I was second date with Sim. I know, I know. I'M A HO! But I didn't MEAN to. We were making out, and then he just sort of assumed it was a done deal, and it seemed sort of prudish to say, "Whoa there, partner! I'm a Rules Girl!" Anyway, I married him, so to hell with it.

I used to have a rule that you couldn't pay for anything or go past second base until he brought you flowers. That sort of fell flat when a first date showed up at my door with flowers. New criteria!

The Sorority said...

Jem - Thank goodness for another second date girl! And I totally laughed out loud at your "but I didn't MEAN to line!"