Sunday, August 03, 2008


Buried under my resentment of turning a year older is the joy of receiving birthday gifts!  This year Wilson outdid himself (and he really had to after the fiasco of last year!)   Fiasco description - last year, I inadvertantly bought my own birthday gift - a camera bag.  We got a really nice camera for a wedding gift and Wilson had harped at me that we had to get a camera bag to protect the shiny, new camera.  When I told him that I bought a new camera bag he said "Great, that is your birthday present!"  Cue the ensuing argument about gifts and effort. 

However, this year he bought me not 1 but 2 Burberry bags, a camera knapsack and a UV filter for our telephoto lens. 

I love the blessed plaid so much!  Wilson is happy that I have stopped nagging his ass for a pretty purse.  Also, I am hysterical that he bought me a camera bag again, but he is SO tired of hearing me complain that I can't fit all our camera equipment into the bag "he" bought me last year. 
Complaining = good gifts!  I must remember this for next year!!!!

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Muffy Willowbrook said...

TWO Burberry bags? Dayum!

Happy Birthday from me to you!Clinky-clink!