Tuesday, May 06, 2008


As I was driving into work today, there were a number of instances that made me go hmmmm...

- man in bright yellow car (we know what he is over compensating for!) comes roaring up behind me, passes me and then cuts me off and then got caught at the red light that I was slowing down for. My first thought was - "All that hurrying and it got you nowhere!" My second thought was - 'Mom get out of my head!"

- he then takes off like a crazy man - passing as many cars as aggressively as he can and my third thought is "let's hope that jackass doesn't kill someone while he rushes to nowhere". Again my mother says this (I never use the word jackass - asshole is more my vernacular) all the time and I had to come to the realization. GOOD LORD! I AM TURNING INTO MY MOTHER!

I knew that after spending my formative years with my parents that there would be some residual effect on how I think, act, etc. but this crap is kinda scary! Does this mean I am going to start reading Danielle Steele in hardback and loving it? Or taking up scrapbooking because it is fun? Or making conversation with complete strangers in the grocery line? Or going to church - REGULARLY? Or not gossiping EVER and cleaning up my trucker mouth? And GULP! does that mean I would have to give up drinking? OK - just breathe because we all know the last 4 will NEVER happen!

Being more like my mother would make me a much nicer person but I think my friends would run screaming for the hills looking for their gossipy, bitchy friend who drinks far too much!

Thank heavens I got to work and started slacking the minute I got here. I felt all normal and not mom-like because my mother would never slack off EVER.

WHEW! That was a close call!


Muffy Willowbrook said...

HAHA! This post is hilarious! I'm glad you're not turning into your mother either - your version of you sounds much more fun!

I catch myself saying phrases my mom has said for years that I typically loathe. It's like she has a mind control over me or something!

Kathy said...

I am exactly my Mom and I am living her life over again. She ran a daycare too and I catch myself using the exact phrases I hated as a child.

But they worked. And they still do.

Whether we want to believe it or not, our Moms were ON to something.

But I won't stop the gossiping and drinking either...gotta put a little spin on the old mom.

Jemima said...

Heaven forfend!

I hear you though...I caught myself talking with my hands yesterday and almost went and put my head in the oven. Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, the oven is broken.