Friday, May 02, 2008


We here at our office - decided that there are not enough holidays to celebrate so we invented one and believe that will be come a international sensation. It is called Cheese Day - The Holiday with Culture!

To celebrate this holiday is VERY easy. You must first decorate - every house has cheesy items that need to come out and be on display. Secondly - you must play the music of Cheese Day -every one's CD collection or iPod has cheesy music within it - anything from the 70s qualifies. (Secretly I was hoping that David Hasselhoff would hear about our holiday and make an appearance as he is the Grand Master of Cheese - but alas, he is to busy trying to resurrect some kind of career.) Lastly you go and buy copious amounts of cheese - all different kinds and then add in some nice crackers and Presto Cheeso! you are ready for Cheese Day!

I am off to go and enjoy some fromage with friends and hope that all of you do the same. And don't forget the Cheese Day slogan - Cheese Day - It's Cheesetastic!

PS - I know that those of you who are lactose intolerant feel that this holiday should not be celebrated as much as it is - and to you I say, take a Lactaid and join in. Cheese Day is for everyone!


Dating at Forty said...

What a joyous occasion and good cause to celebrate. Hope there will be wine. Happy Cheese Day!

Muffy Willowbrook said...


and of course, wine goes with cheese!

I will be celebrating with you in spirit!

fanfrickingtastic said...

Thanks for the comment, I can't wait to find my great guy...congrats on finding yours!

Also, this is the most delicious post ever!!

Jemima said...

Best! Holiday! Ever!

Kathy said...

Let's also add a photo corner with the head cheese, "say CHEESE!!"