Thursday, September 20, 2007


I now really feel like a mom! Arthur has kennel cough - which sounds a lot like croup. Apparently as I have since found out - this is 'kennel cough season'...who knew??? It is like a bad dog cold with a horrible cough that makes you think your sweet puppy is about to die. Then you feel like you are about to die as you get NO sleep! Then the drugs are seemingly making Arthur forget all of his housetraining. I am afraid to have a shower - and let me tell you I need one for fear that Arthur is going to pee on my shoes or something.

And on top of it, I am very PMessSy and hate everything and everyone. Frankly I have enough of a hate on right now that if there is someone that you do not have enough hate for - let me know, I have extra hate and can spare you some.

I do not know how real moms do this with live children - who actually talk back and everything. It is all I can do to handle this small puppy some days and not murder all and sundry around me. Wine certainly does help - A LOT!!!!!!

I will stop whining now and go back to trying to work from home. Thank you Internet for allowing me to whine AGAIN!

Whiny, pmeSy kisses to all

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