Wednesday, October 08, 2008


As I sat on the couch last night with Arthur in my lap – and this is no small feat since he is 75 pounds – I thought about how good our brown boy had it. This was a dog whose world was shiny and bright – he had his mom (and his mom had wine so all was good for me too!), a bone to chew on, a lap to lie in, food and water in his bowls (that sit on a monogrammed mat!) – his life was good and he was happy.

He doesn’t give a baboon’s behind about the stock market, diminishing returns or the state of the global economy. His whole goal in life is to be able run like the wind, play with a ball and to crawl into bed with us each and every morning.

If this is a dog’s life, there are certainly some days when I think – that life is pretty darn good!


Darrin said...

God we could learn so much from dogs! BTW.. what breed is your "Little" Guy? He looks just like my Chocolate lab "Liza" in the face.

kk said...

Love those puppers!

Breaks my heart everyday when I leave Vito and he "yells" at me for going.

I tell him all the time he's the luckiest pup in the one gets more love or has it easier than he does!

Muffy Willowbrook said...

I feel the same way ...My Emma only wants treats and a walk in the park. How simple would life be if we all felt that way?

The Sorority said...

Darrin - he is a German Shorthaired Pointer - who is HUGE!

KK - I agree - totally love the puppers

Muffy - Arthur would like to tell you that walks in the park totally ROCK!