Wednesday, October 01, 2008


OK, so I am already here and loving it. As I spend 3 days at a posh hotel outside of San Francisco on the edge of the ocean - I am just about ready to ditch my life in Toronto for this idyllic place. That is until I read the paper and see how much it costs to live here and quickly remember that I don't have any money. DAMN! As of now, I am officially badgering Wilson about winning the lottery just so I can come back here and live it up like George and Weezy.

While there is a large amount of travel with this new job and I hate that it takes me away from home, away from my boys - the perks of twice daily maid service, unlimited towels, king size bed with loads of pillows and room service help ease the pain.

So thanks California for be so obliging with the weather and your hospitality. This Canadian girl really appreciates it!


kk said...

hope you enjoy your trip!

Muffy Willowbrook said...

JEALOUSSSSS!!! I would love to be in San Fran right now!

Take lots of pics and post, k? K!

Your boys miss you, too!

Emily Jo said...

Have a great time!! I'd also LOVE to be in San Fran right now, ahhh... room service. :-)