Wednesday, August 29, 2007


I LOVE VACATIONS!!! Wilson and I are off for an entire week together and I love it. The rest of the world is working and we are a lovely combination of boating, being lazy, walking Arthur, drinking A LOT of wine and anything else that we can think of that people do on a vacation. IT IS FABULOUS!!!

Arthur is loving having his parents home for the week and I am afraid that he will never go in his crate again. He is over 20 pounds now and is growing so fast that I can' believe it. He loves vacations too - although any day that he gets to play with another puppy or run off leash is a vacation in his mind.

For those of you not on a vacation right this very minute - I feel for you. Get yourself on vacation as fast as you possibly can - it is just what needs to be done this last week of August.

Have a safe and happy Labour Day dear internet! Back at you in September!

Vacation kisses to all,

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