Sunday, July 08, 2007


Well we did it - that is became parents again! We went to a breeder this morning and picked our our new baby boy. He is 4 weeks old, his name is Arthur and he is a German Shorthaired Pointer. This is both mine and Wilson's first time with a puppy in many, many years and also with a purebred dog. We are mutt people and more the rescue kind of family. However our Maggie was a rescue and I didn't want to do that so soon as she was practically perfect and no rescue dog is that and I didn't want him/her to suffer by comparison.

So we are a family of 3 again and it feels right.

This is Arthur being held by his dad!
It doesn't make me miss Maggie any less but it will be so amazing to have that face at the door (eventually) and all that wonderful dog love.
Puppy kisses to all!

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jive turkey said...

Oof! So cute it hurts!!
I have a very mean cat, so a pup is out of the question right now, but someday I'd like a greyhound...