Saturday, December 30, 2006


Well we did it and it was amazing! On December 9th, after an amazing vacation, we got married. We checked back into our hotel in the morning and of course, our rooms were not ready. Kacy, Eddie, Wilson and I all decided to go and hang by the pool. Wilson had a nap, Kacy and I read a book and Eddie did Sudoku. At around 10:30 am, I looked up from my book and saw my future husband sleeping, Kacy was also taking a nap and Eddie was still doing his Sudoku and all of a sudden I realized that in 5 1/2 hours, I was going to be married. At 11:30 am we went and had some lunch - and got yelled at by a waitress. Sint Maarten is great for many, many things but wait service is NOT one of them. Kacy and I went and got a mani and pedi and just enjoyed the time together in a peaceful and quiet environment. If ever anyone needs a world class maid of honour, my beautiful friend Kacy is it!

I got back to our room and saw my handsome husband-to-be! Wilson got himself ready and was hanging out playing with the iPod while started to get myself ready. Kacy came to the room and quickly kicked Wilson out of the room. Kacy gave me the best bride-to-be experience a girl could ask for ever. We tried on jewellery, she advised on hair styles and was just the best friend a girl could ask for. At 3:45 p.m., we cracked a bottle of champagne and drank until we got the call from our wedding planner that the officiant was here (she was 20 minutes late). We came downstairs and got in a golf cart and went to the beach. A funny note - I stressed so much about my shoes for the wedding and we got married barefoot!

We pulled up to the beach, kick off our shoes and walk down to the beach. I cannot wait to get to Wilson and almost run Kacy down to get to him. He looked so handsome and all I wanted to do was hold his hand and say the words that would bind us together forever.

Our officiant started to speak and so much emotion began to well up inside of me. I was holding Wilson's hand and could barely breathe. I have never felt so much love for him ever in our relationship. Of course, I started to cry and I looked up at Wilson and his eyes were wet also. Hearing Wilson say the words that made him my husband, I could barely breathe and I never wanted to look away from his beautiful face.

After saying the words, we were married and I realized at that moment, we were bound together forever. Whatever happens to us in the future, we would always have this moment together. Wilson, being the sweet man that he is, went and made sure that there was champagne on ice for us to share once we were married. We signed the register and 'pop' went the champagne corks. We had our pictures taken on the beach just before and during sunset and I have never felt more beautiful or that Wilson looked more handsome!

We shared a wonderful dinner with Kacy and Ed and as I look back on the day, I can't imagine us doing it any other way. We were so relaxed that we were able to be in the moment when we got married. We were able to laugh and enjoy each moment of the experience and that was why we ran away to get married. Our friends - Andre and Diane - from our cruise came and joined us that day which made the day so special for us. We had congratulations and best wishes from so many strangers and it added so much to the whole event for us. We could have done without Jabba the Hut watching us get married in a blue Speedo, but that is just part of the deal when you get married on a beach.

Not everyone would choose this as their option to get married but I am so glad that we did! We got to be together, say our vows our way in the catherdral of sun and sand and be married without fanfare. It was for us, perfection.

There is more to come on the vacation - which is the best vacation we have ever had together!

Must go wake up Wilson and walk Maggie! Happy New Year internet!

2006 kisses to all!



Thomas said...

Congrats from Seattle!

Jemima said...

What a great wedding! It's heavenly to be able to really remember the moment you say those vows. Some brides don't, so you're very lucky. Love the photo-- you both look like you're glowing.