Friday, October 13, 2006


So much has happened since my last post. Here is a quick recap...

- Mellie got married (see previous post for pictures of lovely event)
- Mellie went on honeymoon with Jewemy
- Mellie did not have major accident at Armani
- Mellie got sick when she got home
- DiDi got engaged to her beloved Wilson
- Wilson does not like the word engaged - would prefer to just be married
- DiDi and Wilson set the date - December 9th
- DiDi now on 'Bride Diet' - full on campaign to lose 15lbs prior to big day
- DiDi and Wilson are running away to St. Maartens to do the deed
- DiDi bought her wedding dress at - very pretty and yet fairly inexpensive
- ReRe getting thinner by the day - keeping DiDi company on the Bride Diet
- ReRe now the mother of a child in High School
- DiDi and Wilson having a reception at their house for friends and family on Jan 13th

I know that this is an incredibly boring entry but am drowning in work and other piles of crap! However, after next week things calm down and hopefully I can become my regular updating self again.

Kisses to all,


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