Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Rules for Marriage

As I was reading a blog (Suburban Hippie authored by Gretchen) that I frequent regularly, I came upon this entry which struck home for me as I am getting married in 4 short weeks and our Mellie got married about 5 weeks ago. I know that there is no perfect prescription for marriage and even though I believe that we have a healthy relationship (now that is), marriage is still a daunting prospect. I know that you have to work to keep it healthy and a happy place but I take all advice from people who fight the good fight everyday to heart. Here is the advice that Gretchen passed onto her daughter before she got married.

Marriage Advice - courtesy of Suburban Hippie
The best thing I can tell you is that there is no room in a marriage for deception; or I should say that once deception creeps in, there is all sorts of room, because it shoots your marriage full of holes. Always be honest with each other. That means accepting each other, warts and all. So don’t be hypercritical, either.

Don’t let arguments escalate. When things get too heated, walk away for a while — or grab him and hug him, or say something that will crack him up. And no fair, when angry, storming out of the house and taking off for God knows where and refusing to answer your cellphone. Walk away from him, but don’t ever deliberately make him wonder and worry where you are.

Be faithful to him. Protect him. Support him. Men don’t think the way we do, and just when he’s being completely impossible and thick-skulled it will transpire that it’s just him acting like a man. Try to forgive him for all that. Boys are different.

If you want him to be a good husband, be a good wife. Remember that he adores you and the you adore him.

Thanks Gretchen - appreciate the good advice.

Kisses to all,

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