Monday, December 06, 2010


I am not sure how to write this without sobbing my guts out but my life of being a dog mommy and having the sweetest brown dog love me back has come to a close.  Wilson decided that sharing custody of our boy was more than he could handle going forward and I had to make a choice - either I take him or he takes him but no more sharing.  As my living situation is still up in the air - I am trying to find a place to live that works for my job and budget - I cannot take him now and taking him away from his daddy, the only home he has ever known, his friends, dog walker and all that he holds dear at some point in the future is so not something I can live with. 

Wilson is Arthur's favourite human and to be a dog loved by him will give Arthur a very good life - filled with long walks, treats, sleeps in the big bed and more love than one dog could ever dream of.   As a dog mommy, all I want for him is to have a long life, filled with love and fun and my Arthur will have that in spades with his daddy. 

I am not sure how to deal with this hole in my heart that feels like the size of the Grand Canyon.  For the first time in years, there will be no dog treats under the Christmas tree, no crazy dog antics or long walks on Christmas morning.  I will miss the morning snuggles, puppy kisses and having a dog head in my lap at the end of a long day.  Arthur came along after losing my beloved Maggie and filled my life with laughter and so much love. 

So good bye my brown boy - know that you mama will always love you and have a place in her heart for you.  My Arthur is irreplaceable and my love for him is the forever kind. 

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