Tuesday, December 15, 2009


In the spirit of the season, I have made my list and checked it twice, so I thought I would send it to you dear Internet:
  • Christmas gifts purchased - done
  • abovementioned gifts wrapped - done
  • tree purchased - done
  • abovementioned tree decorated - done
  • begin making menus for inlaw visits - done
  • purchasing of crap white wine for family - done (Seriously, Wilson's mother and grandmother drink Black Tower - my teeth hurt just writing this sentence) - done
  • house decorated - done
  • Arthur's Christmas collar and leash dug out - done
  • annual argument with Wilson about how much Christmas costs and that you can't abdicate all shopping responsibilities and then bitch about how much money is spent (when in reality it was not a lot, but we have done a couple of big projects on the house and have line of credit debt right now that freaks him out - but then all debt freaks him out!) especially when the presents are for his family as we draw names in my family and the limit is really low - done
  • take back abovementioned Christmas gifts because of aforementioned argument in which my husband was an idiot - done Yup, I took most of the presents back! 
  • make up from said argument - done
  • laugh about argument - done
How goes your Christmas prep? 

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Little Ms Blogger said...

I have to start, but instead have decided to read blogs. Yup, I'm hosting. Hmmmm....should be interesting.

Black Tower - I didn't know they still sold that wine.