Friday, September 18, 2009


Wow – have I ever been gone a long time or what! I have no real excuse other than feeling devoid of all creativity and anything funny to say. My job has reached a new level of insanity regarding workload/travel and general all-round craziness that it sapped all amusing anecdotes from me. Damn that ambition that made me leave my lovely old job where I had time to blog, read blogs I love, keep up on Flickr and in general do anything else but work.

Anyhoo, here I am - with my new ‘back to school’ mentality or as I like to think of it as 'back to blog'.  Here are my observations du jour! 

Jon Gosselin – ENOUGH! Please shut up, go away and get off the cover of US magazine if you ‘hate’ the media attention. Go be a father for the love of God!

Kate Gosselin’s hair – better but still – it amazes me that her haircut made the CNN crawl!

Mad Men – I LOVE JON HAMM! This should come as no surprise to anyone who has read this blog of mine. Also adore Joan Holloway! This show is the total best!!

Business Travel – doing a lot of it and it sucks! That is all I have to say about that!

Shoes – had to go to Atlanta for business. See above for how I feel about business travel. BUT – while I was there, I bought 2 divine pairs of shoes. There is an upside to business travel after all – shopping in different cities!

Grey hair – 2 questions – why does it have to show up at all? Why does it have to show up so damn fast after a cut and colour? Stupid grey hair!!

Traffic – It is such a part of my daily life for the last year. But what really annoys me is how the slightest bit of precipitation causes traffic to slow down to the point where I think I can carry my car faster to work. Is this just a Toronto thing or does it happen in your city?

Summer – where did it go?

Here is hoping the 'amusing anecdote' part of my brain makes a comeback soon!


kk said...

welcome back to the blog!

i've been battling my own "creativity" issues too! thankfully, a vacation helped out and I'm back.

and if i never hear the name "gosselin" again, it'll be too soon!

Little Ms Blogger said...

Welcome back! I would look and look and then 'poof' you're here.

I haven't been the best blog reader, but am looking forward to reading your 5 words.

Kate & Jon annoy me. There I said it.