Monday, September 08, 2008


I am feeling a definite loss of inspiration regarding what to say here so here are a collection of random thoughts.  If nothing else, it will get them out of my head.
  • was slightly hung over this morning - nothing works better to fix that than a breakfast that includes bacon
  • I love the GAP
  • Red wine is truly a gift from God
  • The sound of a can of Diet Coke opening is music to my ears
  • Cheese should really have less calories as it makes up a large part of my diet
  • How do the girls at the MAC counter keep their make up perfect every minute of the day? 
  • And why is it that I can never recreate anything that they do for me with the same products and brushes?
  • Is 42 too old to tell people that I am really good at Wii bowling?
  • Just saw an ad for Survivor and am wondering who still watches it? 
That are all the random thoughts I could muster up today.  I promise to better the next time I write. 


kk said...

I think I can shed some light!

I used to work in Filene's, and those MAC girls are touching up their makeup ALL DAY LONG.

As for Wii, you should be proud!

And about Survivor, I used to watch, then took a hiatus because every season was the same thing. However, I'm thinking about getting back into it again this year!

I heart red wine, too

Caffeine Court said...

I'm 43 years old and quite proud of my Wii bowling skills.

I feel the same way about a can of Diet Coke, and the first sip makes me shudder!! I'm a true addict.

I want to know why no makeup artist in the world can cover up my dark circles.

Emily Jo said...

I watch Survivor!! Seriously since the first season. I'm a dork, I know.

I've wondered the same thing about the MAC counter as I am a new addict to them... it's amazing.

I also love red wine, but for some reason I love it more when the weather gets colder... Again, I'm strange. :-)