Monday, March 03, 2008


Wilson was away skiing for 4 days and there was a brief moment where I was wondering how the hell am I going to deal with the mighty Arthur for 4 days - BY MYSELF!!! But then I took a breath and remembered that I could and did do the following:

- have popcorn and wine for dinner
- have Arthur all to myself
- eat pasta with tomato sauce (Wilson is not a pasta lover at all hence why we never eat it in our house)
- eat cookies and feel no guilt
- visit my gorgeous nephew and make him laugh - he is 8 months old today!
- watch movies that Wilson would never want to see - Away from Her, In the Valley of Elah, La Vie En Rose. Recommend all three but loved, loved, loved Away from Her and In the Valley of Elah.
- leave my shoes in the entry way (this makes Wilson INSANE!)
- not hang up my coat right away (see above)
- spend 2 fantastic hours with Mellie and Ivy (funniest moment of the weekend was watching Ivy try to dominate (aka hump) Arthur and then he decided to spin around and 'helicopter' Ivy.

All in all a good weekend for me. Got lots of stuff done and spent so much fun time with Arthur. By Sunday though - I had had enough alone time and wanted my husband back. And the best part of all - he missed me too! I got me lots and lots of kisses and a new pair of gloves.

And now - I am back at my desk but very happy that when I go home tonight there will be a brown puppy and a sweet but tired boy. A girl could not ask for anymore!

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