Thursday, January 03, 2008


I am taking a page from our real life and putting my goals down on internet paper... Some say resolutions others say goals - either way the following is stuff I would like to accomplish this year at some point...

1. Be grateful for my family - they may be crazy but they are the only family you get.
2. Be less judgemental about Wilson's family. They are what they are and I have to roll with it better. besides, in the year that we have been married, they have been nothing but loving towards me (except for Nana telling me that I was fat at Christmas...)
3. Visit the family that I have in the city more.
4. Be a good friend and call more.

5. Make cooking healthy a lifestyle choice.
6. Use less butter and cheese
7. Grill meats as much as possible
8. Eat vegetarian 2 times per week
9. Smaller portions for both of us
10. Have healthy snacks only in our house
11. Have only grains or healthy carbs once per day.

11. Stop being so damn lazy and get my ass on the treadmill 3 times per week
12. Find and take yoga class once per week
13. Try to start running - 20 minutes 2 times per week by June
14. Lose this persistent 15-20 lbs and keep it off through consistent excercise and good eating.

15. Do more gardening
16. Find and refinish inexpensive bedside tables for the spare bedroom
17. Find and refinish better side tables for basement family room
19. Frame photographs for spare bedroom

20. Take a photography course
21. Buy telephoto lens and become proficient with it
22. Learn photoshop

23. Maintain debt free status
24. Build better nest egg
25. Contribute as much as possible to pension plan and RRSPs

26. Play more games rather than watch TV
27. Go to more movies
28. Have more friends over when on the boat
29. Go to the theatre 3 times this year
30. See a concert I have always wanted to see
31. Ride a horse at least once per year

32. Stop being so sensitive and realize that Wilson is trying to help more than hurt
33. Count to 5 before I say something hurtful
34. Remember that even when he pisses me off, how much I love him
35. Thank him for taking such care of me and Arthur
36. Kiss him 10 times per day
37. Plan a weekend trip to somewhere he wants to go
38. Put my crap away promptly so that it doens't make him crazy

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